Russian life style – in general

Life style of Russian people is quite original. Being on border between Europe and Asia, we combined in our culture a little bit from both and consequently we represent a mix of all possible characteristics. They say  "the West knows how, and the east knows what for". And during all history Russia trys to answer a question "why".

By the way, inhabitants of the European part of Russia don't even suspect that they considered to be a part of Europe. For us, for Russians, Europe is the territory from the Baltic States to Portugal, including both England and Switzerland. And Russia is Russia – something separate and single. And somewhere over  Russia’s southern border begins Asia. This is what we approximately think of a world structure, while listening to news or reading newspapers.
Actually, Russian life style is very similar to the American one. It was noticed by psychologists, and it is visible to the naked eye. But in order to see it you should consider a difference in a standards of living. For example, Russian meal approach  is much more similar to Americans, than to Europeans. Russians eat within all the day, having a snake in  between meals. By the types of products supper can has no differences from breakfast. For example, one can have nothing for breakfast and another one can easily eat for a breakfast a hen with a potato. And it will not surprise anyone. We can drink coffee before the meal, we can drink tea after the meal, we can eat again after a dessert something salty.
Purely Russian meal tradition is  tea. Everyone drinks it and  in much larger quantities, than vodka. In general,  the west belief about the average volumes of vodka that is drunk by Russian person per day is very-very exaggerated. If you want to see a person who drinks vodka on the street you will need to search fro him. And only then you will see him. But we drink tea. It is a Russian tradition. And my separate article is devoted it. To cut a long story short, I will tell you that on the average I think, Russian person drinks about 4 cups of tea per day. Ttat is why it is a pity that this tea usually has bad quality …. 
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